ShodanX is a versatile information gathering tool that harnesses the power of Shodan’s extensive database.

It offers multiple modes and flexible queries to extract valuable insights for security assessments, reconnaissance, and threat intelligence.

With colorful output and intuitive commands, ShodanX empowers users to efficiently gather and analyze data from Shodan’s facets, enhancing their cybersecurity efforts.

Why ShodanX

ShodanX is more useful for everyone compared to Shodan because it doesn’t require paid API keys.

This means anyone can access Shodan’s database of internet-connected devices without having to pay for it. It’s like getting the benefits of Shodan for free, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

Plus, ShodanX provides real-time query results, so you can get the latest information quickly and easily.

Overall, it’s a more convenient and cost-effective option for anyone interested in network reconnaissance and security analysis.


  • Versatile Modes: ShodanX offers various modes to cater to different use cases, including organization search, domain search, SSL certificate search, custom queries, and more.
  • Flexible Queries: Users can input custom queries tailored to their specific requirements, allowing for precise data extraction.
  • Colorful Output: ShodanX enhances user experience with colorful output, making it easier to interpret and analyze information at a glance.

About ShodanX:

Shodanx is a great tool and its uses the shodan facet data then extracts results for given targets by user and ShodanX is fully upto users queries.

By making a super queries and use good facets queries to get more results about your targets, users can use different modes with proper shodan facets for queries to get lot of information about your target.


To install ShodanX, simply use pip:

pip install git+


ShodanX provides a command-line interface (CLI) with intuitive commands for seamless interaction. Here are some of the available commands:

  • shodanx org: Search for information related to an organization.
  • shodanx domain: Perform a domain search to gather relevant data.
  • shodanx ssl: Search for SSL certificates using custom queries.
  • shodanx custom: Execute custom queries tailored to your needs.
  • shodanx update: Check for updates and install the latest version from GitHub.

For detailed usage instructions and command options, refer to the help menu:

 shodanx -h

            __                __                   _  __
   _____   / /_   ____   ____/ /  ____ _   ____   | |/ /
  / ___/  / __ \ / __ \ / __  /  / __ `/  / __ \  |   / 
 (__  )  / / / // /_/ // /_/ /  / /_/ /  / / / / /   |  
/____/  /_/ /_/ \____/ \__,_/   \__,_/  /_/ /_/ /_/|_|  

                     Author : D.SanjaiKumar @CyberRevoltSecurities

[DESCRIPTION]: ShodanX is a tool to gather information of targets using shodan dorksāš”.

    - org         : Org mode to search the data of an organization with different types of facet in shodan
    - domain      : Domain mode to search the data of a domain with different types of facet in shodan
    - ssl         : SSL modoe to search data using the ssl search query with different types of facet in shodan
    - custom      : Custom search mode to search with custom search with different types of facet shodan
    - update      : Update the ShodanX to latest version 

    -h,  --help   : Shows this help message and exits.
        shodanx [commands]
        Available Commands:
            - org         : Executes the shodanX org mode for information gathering
            - domain      : Executes the shodanX domain mode for information gathering
            - ssl         : Executes the shodanX ssl query mode for information gathering
            - custom      : Executes the shodanX Custom search query mode for information gathering
            - update      : Update the ShodanX to latest version 
        Help Commands:
            - org         : shodanx org -h
            - domain      : shodanx domain -h
            - ssl         : shodanx ssl -h
            - custom      : shodanx custom -h
            - update      : shodanx update -h

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