SpaceSiren is a honey token manager and alert system for AWS. With this fully serverless application, you can create and manage honey tokens at scale — up to 10,000 per SpaceSiren instance — at close to no cost.1

How It Works?

  • SpaceSiren provides an API to create no-permission AWS IAM users and access keys for those users.
  • You sprinkle the access keys wherever you like, for example in proprietary code or private data stores.
  • If one of those sources gets breached, an attacker is likely to use the stolen key to see what they can do with it.
  • You will receive an alert that someone attempted to use the key.

Alert Outputs

  • Email
  • PagerDuty
  • Slack
  • Pushover


As with any open source project, this one assumes you have the required foundational tools and knowledge, mainly in AWS and Terraform.


  • Terraform >= 0.13
  • A dedicated AWS account with admin access
  • A registered domain


  • Basic Terraform
  • Basic REST API
  • Basic AWS CLI, S3, and Route 53
  • Basic AWS Organizations and IAM Roles for cross-account access
  • Intermediate DNS (delegating a (sub)domain with NS records)

For standard bugs or feature requests, please open a GitHub issue.


Special thanks to:

  • Atlassian for Project SpaceCrab, the inspiration for this project. If you want to read about why I started SpaceSiren, please see my SpaceCrab critique page.
  • The wonderful and talented Alia Mancisidor for the artwork.
  • Anyone who volunteered to test this application for me.


  1. While SpaceSiren was designed to run as cheaply as possible, even for individuals, it will not be entirely free of operating costs. You will incur nominal costs for DynamoDB, Lambda, API Gateway, Route 53, and perhaps CloudTrail, depending on your configuration. You should expect to spend between $1 and $5 per month to run SpaceSiren. Of course, the project’s maintainers are not responsible for any actual costs you incur. Please closely monitor your AWS bill while it is in use.