Why getting app downloads from many sources is important?

There are many different ways of getting app downloads. CPA networks and display ads will provide you immediate traffic. But such marketing strategies also have drawbacks. One of them is that you stop getting app downloads when your promotion budget finishes. That is why it is so important to raise the app at market search. In this case, even without enough investments, you will get organic traffic. For this, you can start promotion by keywords and also ASO your application. This strategy will give you visibility at the top of Google Play and also attract more organic users.    

Improve texts for faster and cheaper promotion

Before starting any marketing strategy you need to optimize your app store. Rewrite description and title with keywords that you will promote, so Google algorithms will associate these words and phrases with your app. How to find all keywords? You should think about all words and phrases with which users can search your app. Also, you can find some ideas at your competitors’ app pages. After ASO is done wait a few days for indexation and then you can move to promotion by keywords. When app optimization is done correctly it can save up to 35% of your marketing budget and also make promotion by keywords much cheaper. 

How incentive installs draw organic traffic to your app store?

After you upgrade your app store, it is high time to start promotion by keywords. You choose the less competitive words and phrases from your list, set the number of installs per each keyword daily. And then real people download, open, and keep your app on their phone per few days. These few days are enough for Google algorithm to count all these downloads and to higher your positions on Google Play. As a result, your app becomes visible and you start getting app downloads from organic users. 

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