What is Sales CRM Software and How Does it Benefit SMBs?

What is Sales CRM Software and How Does it Benefit SMBs?

A Sales CRM software is what your business may need more desperately than you know! While there are many benefits of sales CRM, there are also a number of ways in which it must be implemented properly so that you can actually reap those amazing benefits. Before we get into the benefits, let us understand what a Sales CRM software actually does and how it must be installed for the best possible results when it comes to you, your business and the revenue that it turns in!

A Sales CRM software is a platform or a system that can take all those tedious sales related and admin functions to create an automated framework where your specific functions and information would be matched seamlessly. Like any and every CRM or customer relationship management structure, this one is also a data driven system. With the right sales CRM tool, you can actually achieve the work of many hours in a few minutes and without any of the effort that it would usually take you. That is the power of the right sales CRM software!

Yet, like any system or platform or process, this one also has to be installed or implemented in the right manner. Here are a few pointers for you to take into account before you adopt a sales CRM tool for your business and your sales team:

  1. The ability to integrate: When you employ a sales CRM software or tool, you are also bringing home something that would have to work well with your existing set up and the tools that you have employed for the other teams. Whether it is the marketing team or the HR team or even the after sales service team and the customer support team, there are a number of teams and team members who would want to maximize and make optimum use of the sales CRM tool. Hence, you would do well to invest in a software that would allow easy integrations with marketing automation and other forms of CRM that you have in the back end. 
  1. Information Handling: As was mentioned above, you can see that the various teams would need to be able to integrate with the sales CRM software or tool. Information is the keyword here. With the advent of all things online, information or big data is one running constant in the dynamic and fickle world of digital marketing and even E Commerce. It would be imperative for all the data to be crunched and used judiciously by all the right teams for the right purposes. The sales team is not different. From capturing the data to processing it in the right way and then  finally sending it to the right place for the right function to take place – these are a few things that the sales CRM tool should allow you to do.
  1. Collaborations: You would need to collaborate with a number of third parties and other vendors and stakeholders when you are trying to close a deal. This runs true for many different kinds of industries and niches. So, your sales CRM tool should give you the benefit of collaborations in case you need to add people to the business deal in question. Further, collaborations between team members should also become more and more streamlined thanks to the automated functions and notifications. 
  1. Safety: There is always the risk of losing one’s data and consequently losing one’s sleep over it! Well, the sales CRM software can help you in this regard thanks to the many layers of encryption that it gives you. It even helps you define access for each individual team member or third party vendor so that your information is not compromised. You should always check on the safety aspect so that you are able to run the system or the software without any extra trouble or risk. 
  1. Insights: You should be able to measure the results of your various sales related activities and track the performance of individual sales team members. This will help you improve where required and even help you plan your activities in a far better and more strategic manner in the long run for a better rate of conversion. 

The above steps have shown how you can use the sales CRM software. Now, let us cast a glance on the benefits of sales CRM software. This is especially relevant when it comes to small and medium sized businesses:

  • Higher Revenues: One of the most direct benefits of sales CRM software would be the higher revenue that you would end up earning for your small and medium business since your rate of conversion would increase thanks to the heightened engagement which would take place once the admin and mundane activities are automated. 
  • Better Team Bandwidth: When the automation of the sales functions takes place, you would be able to see that the bandwidth of your team increases by leaps and bounds. This would help them focus on their core skills that would bring much growth for you and your business in the long run. 
  • High Quality Engagement: When the bandwidth of the team is freed up for more core activities, you can be sure that the quality and level of engagement will definitely grow. In turn, this will have a far better effect on the rate of conversions and the frequency of purchases. This will also help in fuelling the rate of cross selling, up selling and reselling to the same customer. 

Customer Care: With the right sales CRM tool, you will be able to take care of the customer in a far better way. Since the monotonous tasks would be automated, you will have the time and energy to immediately look into any after sales complaints or requests. This will restore the customer’s trust and faith in you which would help them recommend your product or service by word of mouth, helping you scale your small and medium business.