TLDHunt is a command-line tool designed to help users find available domain names for their online projects or businesses. By providing a keyword and a list of TLD (top-level domain) extensions, TLDHunt checks the availability of domain names that match the given criteria. This tool is particularly useful for those who want to quickly find a domain name that is not already taken, without having to perform a manual search on a domain registrar website.

For red teaming or phishing purposes, this tool can help you to find similar domains with different extensions from the original domain.


This tool is written in Bash and the only dependency required is whois. Therefore, make sure that you have installed whois on your system. In Debian, you can install whois using the following command:

sudo apt install whois -y

How It Works?

To detect whether a domain is registered or not, we search for the words “Name Server“, “nserver“, “nameservers“, or “status: active” in the output of the WHOIS command, as this is a signature of a registered domain (thanks to Alex Matveenko for the suggestion).

If you have a better signature or detection method, please feel free to submit a pull request.

Domain Extension List

For default Top Level Domain list (tlds.txt), we use data from You can use your custom list, but make sure that it is formatted like this:


How to Use

➜  TLDHunt ./
 _____ _    ___  _  _          _   
|_   _| |  |   \| || |_  _ _ _| |_ 
  | | | |__| |) | __ | || | ' \  _|
  |_| |____|___/|_||_|\_,_|_||_\__|
        Domain Availability Checker

Keyword is required.
Usage: ./ -k <keyword> [-e <tld> | -E <exts>] [-x]
Example: ./ -k linuxsec -E tlds.txt

Example of TLDHunt usage:

Use default TLD list

./ -k linuxsec

Use custom TLD list

./ -k linuxsec -E custom-tld.txt

You can add -x flag to print only Not Registered domain. Example:

./ -k linuxsec -x

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