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Two Step Authentication

Mozilla Adds Two Step Authentication Support For Firefox Accounts

Mozilla is propelling a Two Step Authentication process for supporting Firefox accounts. The authentication framework utilizes Firefox Sync usefulness to secure the synchronization of...

0d1n : Web Security Tool to Make Fuzzing at HTTP/S

0d1n is a tool for automating customized attacks against web applications. Let us have a look on the features the Web Security...
Seccomp Tools : Provide Powerful Tools For Seccomp Analysis

Seccomp Tools : Provide Powerful Tools For Seccomp Analysis

Seccomp provide powerful tools for seccomp analysis. This project is targeted to (but not limited to) analyze seccomp sandbox in CTF pwn...

Drozer – Android Leading Security Testing Framework

Drozer (once in the past Mercury) is the main security testing framework for Android. It enables you to scan for security vulnerabilities in applications and...

Bincat : Binary Code Static Analyser With IDA Integration

BinCAT is a static Binary Code Analysis Toolkit, designed to help reverse engineers, directly from IDA or using Python for automation.

Hardening up Your Cyber Defence With Risk Assessment

Your company faces an array of cyber threats, which are both internal and external. Cybersecurity risk assessment is meant to identify, assess, and implement security...

CMSeeK – CMS Detection And Exploitation Suite

CMSeeK is a CMS detection and exploitation suite where you can Scan WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 100 other CMSs. CMS or content management system manages...

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