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Joomscan – OWASP Joomla Vulnerability Scanner Project

OWASP Joomla! Vulnerability ScannerĀ  or JoomScan is an open source project, developed with the aim of automating the task of vulnerability detection and reliability...

Drltrace – A Library Calls Tracer For Windows & Linux Applications

Drltrace is a dynamic API calls tracer for Windows and Linux applications designed primarily for malware analysis. Drltrace is built on top of DynamoRIO...

PRETty : “PRinter Exploitation Toolkit” LAN Automation Tool

PRETty is useful when a large number of printers are present on a network. Instead of scanning, logging, and manually running PRET...

Best SEO training course for beginners by moz in 2019

As the years are passing, businesses under different niches have reached millions of people for various reasons. Also, most of them are...

XAttacker – Website Vulnerability Scanner & Auto Exploiter Tool

XAttacker is a is a perl website tool to vulnerability scanner & auto exploiter, which you can use to find vulnerability in your website...

Phantom-Evasion : Python AV Evasion Tool Capable to Generate FUD Executable...

Phantom-Evasion is an interactive antivirus evasion tool written in python capable to generate (almost) FUD executable even with the most ...
Whitewidow : SQL Vulnerability Scanner

Whitewidow : SQL Vulnerability Scanner

Whitewidow is an open source automated SQL vulnerability scanner, that is capable of running through a file list, or can scrape Google...

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