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PYWhatCMS – Unofficial WhatCMS API Package

PyWhatCMS is a python package for API. This package provides a simple way to use the API for detecting 467...
OSIF : Open Source Information Facebook

OSIF : Open Source Information Facebook

OSIF is an accurate Facebook account information gathering, all sensitive information can be easily gathered even though the target converts all of...

Tcpreplay – Pcap Editing & Replay Tools For UNIX & Windows

Tcpreplay is a suite of GPLv3 licensed utilities for UNIX operating systems for editing and replaying network traffic which was previously captured...
Prevent Hacking

How To Prevent Hacking in 2020

Hacking is a term that refers to an unauthorized intrusion into a computer network or system. Hackers may alter a computer system...

Instainsane : Multi-threaded Instagram Brute Forcer

Instainsane is an Shell Script to perform multi-threaded brute force attack against Instagram, this script can bypass login limiting and it...
WhatTheHack : A Collection Of Challenge Based Hack

WhatTheHack : A Collection Of Challenge Based Hack

WhattheHack is a challenge based hackathon format. A collection of challenge based hack-a-thons including student guide, proctor guide, lecture presentations, sample/instructional code...

Shodanwave – Tool For Exploring & Obtaining Information From Cameras

Shodanwave is a tool for exploring and obtaining information from cameras specifically Netwave IP Camera. The tool uses a search engine called shodan that...