Today, we will present a new tool for gathering information to identify subdomains linked to a particular domain.

The subdomains that should be “” and “” are subdomains of the “” domain.

What is Subdomain?

Subdomains are created as subsets of the primary domain name to help organize and navigate different website sections.

The primary use of subdomains for site owners is to manage extensive sections of their website that require a distinct content hierarchy, such as online stores, blogs, or support platforms.

subfinder – Subdomain Discovery Tools

Subfinder is a tool for discovering subdomains of websites that uses passive online sources to return valid results.

It is designed with a simple, modular architecture optimized for speed.

Subfinder is designed explicitly for passive subdomain enumeration and excels at this task.

We have ensured that Subfinder complies with all the licensing and usage restrictions of the passive sources it utilizes.

The tool’s passive model provides speed and stealthiness, making it useful for penetration testers and bug bounty hunters.


  • Fast and powerful resolution and wildcard elimination modules
  • Curated passive sources to maximize results
  • Multiple output formats supported (JSON, file, stdout)
  • Optimized for speed and lightweight on resources
  • STDIN/OUT support enables easy integration into workflows


install -v

Running Subfinder

Use the following command to find the subdomains of a domain.

subfinder -d

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