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Must Need

Flerken : Obfuscated Command Detection Tool

Flerken : Obfuscated Command Detection Tool

Flerken is an Open-source obfuscated command detection tool. Command line obfuscation has been proved to be a non-negligible factor in file-less malware...
RIPVT : Virus Total API Maltego Transform Set For Canari

RIPVT : Virus Total API Maltego Transform Set For Canari

ripVT is a Maltego Canari transforms for Virus Total private API. Provided AS-IS, no warranties, no guarantees. No jokes in this repo....

ARDT : Akamai Reflective DDoS Tool

Attack the origin host behind the Akamai Edge hosts and bypass the DDoS protection offered by Akamai services.
Windows 95

Windows 95 : Windows 95 in Electron That Runs on macOS,...

This is Windows 95, running in an Electron app, which runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Bear in mind that this is...
Mail Password Sniffer

Mail Password Sniffer – Tool To Recover Mail Passwords Passing Through...

Mail Password Sniffer is the free Email Password Sniffing and Recovery Software to recuperate mail account passwords going through the network. It automatically recognizes...

SQLiScanner – Automatic SQL Injection With Charles & SQLmap API

SQLiScanner is a automatic SQL injectiont tool with Charles and sqlmap api with support on Linux and osx. Following are the dependencies...

MEC : massExploitConsole For Concurrent Exploiting

massExploitConsole a collection of hacking tools with a CLI & UI for concurrent exploiting. Following are the features of MEC;

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