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Must Need

Social Mapper

Social Mapper – A Social Media Enumeration & Correlation Tool

Social Mapper is a Social Media Mapping Tool that correlates profiles via facial recognition by Jacob Wilkin(Greenwolf). Social Mapper is an Open Source Intelligence Tool...
AdvPhishing : This Is Advance Phishing Tool! OTP PHISHING

AdvPhishing : This Is Advance Phishing Tool! OTP PHISHING

AdvPhishing is a advance phishing tool with OTP phishing Bypass. SPECIAL OTP BYPASS VIDEO WORKED
XSHOCK : Tool To Exploits ShellShock

XSHOCK : Tool To Exploits ShellShock

XSHOCK Shellshock Exploit. All founded directories will be saved in vulnurl.txt file. The results of the executed commands are saved in response.txt.

Easyssh – The SSH Connection Manager To Make Your Life Easier

Easyssh is a complete, efficient and easy-to-use manager. Create and edit connections, groups, customize the terminal, with multiple instances of the same connection. Easyssh Features ...

WPScan : WordPress Vulnerability Scanner Written for Security Professionals

WPScan is a free, for non-commercial use, black box WordPress vulnerability scanner written for security professionals and blog maintainers to...

Tallow – Transparent Tor for Windows

Tallow is a small program that redirects all outbound traffic from a Windows machine via the Tor anonymity network. Any traffic that cannot be...

Webtech : Identify Technologies Used on Websites

We’re very proud to release WebTech as open-source software. WebTech is a Python software that can identify web technologies by visiting a...