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Must Need


Python-Nubia : A Command-Line & Interactive Shell Framework

Python-Nubia is a lightweight framework for building command-line applications with Python. It was originally designed for the “logdevice interactive shell (aka. ldshell)” at Facebook....

Arjun : HTTP Parameter Discovery Suite

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Router Exploit Shovel : Automated Application Generation for Stack Overflow Types on Wireless Routers

Router Exploit Shovel : Automated Application Generation for Stack Overflow Types...

Router Exploit Shovel is an automated application generation for stack overflow types on wireless Routers. It is an automated application generation tool...

ImaginaryC2:Python Tool Help In Network Behavioral Analysis Of Malware

ImaginaryC2 is a python tool which aims to help in the behavioral (network) analysis of malware. It hosts a HTTP server which...

GodOfWar : Malicious Java WAR Builder With Built-In Payloads

GodOfWar is a command-line tool to generate war payloads for penetration testing / red teaming purposes, written in ruby.

Vba2Graph – Generate Call Graphs From VBA Code For Easier Analysis...

Vba2Graph is a tool for security researchers, who waste their time analyzing malicious Office macros. Generates a VBA call graph, with potential malicious keywords...

Blackowl – Tool To Gather Information, Based On Operative-Framework

Blackowl is a simple tool to gather information, based on Operative-Framework. Leading source of Security Tools, Hacking Tools, CyberSecurity and Network Security. Blackowl Requirements requests ...