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Free VPN

The Dark Side of Free VPNs – Things You Must Know

Internet privacy should be everyone’s main concern, whether you use the internet just use for social media or internet banking, you should...

Exploit CVE-2017-6079 – Blind Command Injection In Edgewater Edgemarc Devices Exploit

This exploit was developed based on the technical description by depthsecurity The HTTP web-management application on Edgewater Networks Edgemarc appliances has a hidden page that...

GoScan : Interactive Network Scanner 2019

GoScan is an interactive network scanner client, featuring auto-completion, which provides abstraction and automation over nmap. GoScan can now...

WiFi-Pumpkin – Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point Attack

WiFi-Pumpkin is an extremely total system for evaluating Wi-Fi security. The fundamental feature is the capacity to make a phony AP and make Man...
Autovpn : Create On Demand Disposable OpenVPN Endpoints On AWS

Autovpn : Create On Demand Disposable OpenVPN Endpoints On AWS

AutoVPN is a script that allows the easy creation of OpenVPN endpoints in any AWS region. To create a VPN endpoint is...

Getsploit v0.2.2 – Command Line Utility For Searching And Downloading Exploits

Getsploit allows you to search online for the exploits across all the most popular collections: Exploit-DB, Metasploit, Packetstorm and others. The most powerful feature...
Shelly : Simple Backdoor Manager With Python

Shelly : Simple Backdoor Manager With Python

Shelly adalah sebuah tool sederhana yang ditulis menggunakan Python, yang berfungsi untuk meremote sebuah website. Installation