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Androwarn : Static Code Analyzer for Malicious Android Applications

Androwarn is a tool whose main aim is to detect and warn the user about potential malicious behaviours developped by an Android...

SQLMAP – Introduction & Automation of SQLi

Basic Operation of SQLMAP & enumeration of Server through automatic SQL Injection. SQLMAP is a database pentesting tool used to automate SQL Injection. Practically using sqlmap,...
Metasploit getwlanprofiles

Metasploit getwlanprofiles – Simple Script To Download Wireless Profiles From...

Metasploit getwlanprofiles is a Meterpreter script which when kept running against Windows 7 or Vista boxes will extract and download all the wireless profiles...

Recaf : A Modern Java Bytecode Editor

Recaf is an easy to use modern Java bytecode editor based on Objectweb's ASM. No more hassling with the constant pool...
Truegaze : Static Analysis Tool For Android/iOS Applications Focusing On Security Issues Outside The Source Code

Truegaze : Static Analysis Tool For Android/iOS Applications Focusing On Security...

Truegaze is a static analysis tool for Android and iOS applications focusing on security issues outside the source code such as resource...
XSSCon : Simple XSS Scanner Tool

XSSCon : Simple XSS Scanner Tool

XSSCon is a simple XSS Scanner tool and a powerful XSS scanner made in python 3.7. Installing

WPScan – Checks Vulnerabilities and Spots Security Issues

WPScan effectively scans your WordPress website and checks the vulnerabilities within the core version, plugins, themes, etc helping to spot the security issues.