An open-source intelligence (OSINT) tool called Email2PhoneNumber enables you to discover a target’s phone number simply by knowing his email address.

Basic usage information

By exploiting the password reset email design flaws and publicly available data, this crude tool assists in automating finding someone’s phone number. It supports 3 primary functions:

  • “scrape” — scrapes websites for phone number digits by initiating password reset using the target’s email address
  • “generate” — creates a list of valid phone numbers based on the country’s Phone Numbering Plan and publicly available information
  • “Bruteforce” — iterates over a list of phone numbers and initiates password resets on different websites to obtain associated masked emails and correlate them to the victim’s one.


  • Python 3.x
  • 3rd party libraries installed (BeautifulSoup and requests). Download using pip

pip3 install beautifulsoup4 requests

Once the 3rd party libraries are installed, download the script via git clone

git clone


Help section

  • To access the help section of the Python script, run the following command if you are a beginner.

python3 -h

Scrape websites for phone number digits

  • Run the installed Python script and enter the target’s email address after that

python3 scrape -e

  • Create a phone number dictionary using a phone number mask.

python3 generate -m 555XXX1234 -o /tmp/dic.txt

Find the target’s phone number by changing passwords on websites that do not notify the target while using a phone number mask and proxies to get around captchas and other abuse protections.

python3 bruteforce -m 555XXX1234 -e -p /tmp/proxies.txt -q