Introducing SOC Multitool a free and open-source browser extension that accelerates and optimizes research. 

Now accessible through the Chrome Web Store and working with every browser powered by the Chromium OS, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Brave, and Opera.

Download link- 

Streamline your investigations

The constant copying and pasting required during investigations is done away with by SOC Multi-Tool. To access the type of data you want to look into, simply highlight the text you want to look into, right-click, and select the option.

The results of your investigation will then be displayed in new tabs opened by the extension.

Modern and feature-rich

The SOC Multi-Tool is a modernized multi-tool built from the ground up, with a range of features and capabilities. Some of the key features include:

  • IP Reputation Lookup using VirusTotal and AbuseIPDB
  • IP Info Lookup using Tor relay checker and WHOIS
  • Hash Reputation Lookup using VirusTotal
  • Domain Reputation Lookup using VirusTotal and AbuseIPDB
  • Domain Info Lookup using Alienvault
  • Living off the land binaries Lookup using the LOLBas project
  • Decoding of Base64 and HEX using CyberChef
  • File Extension and Filename Lookup using &
  • MAC Address manufacturer Lookup using
  • Parsing of UserAgent using
  • Microsoft Error Code Lookup using Microsoft’s DB
  • Event ID Lookup (Windows, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, and Sysmon) using
  • Blockchain Address Lookup using
  • CVE Info using

Easy to install

By downloading the most recent version from the Chrome Web Store, you can quickly install the extension!

Download the file from the releases page, extract the folder, and make your changes if necessary. 

Turn on developer mode in your browser’s extension settings, click “Load Unpacked,” and choose the extracted folder to load your modified extension!

SOC MultToolol is a community-driven project, and the developer encourages users to contribute and share better resources.