Asset Discover is a tool for burp suite extension to discover assets from HTTP response using passive scanning. The outcome of any security assessment program, be it vulnerability assessment, penetration test or red team is limited by it’s scope.

We cannot remediate the risks associated with a particular resource, which is not part of the scope of the assessment, as they are simply unknown unknowns. The answer to this problem is keeping a track of assets using continuous asset discovery.

The asset discovery process is simple, but not easy. We need to start with some seed information about the organization such as company name, domain(s), IP(s) etc.; have a list of data sources mapped with seed type and then extract information from them.

Also, this process needs to be recursive in nature to check if the newly identified information could become the seed information for another source. Our co-founder Shubham, talked about it briefly during his OSINT for Proactive Defense – RootConf 2019 presentation.

One primary challenge with asset discovery is the trust level on the authenticity and relevance of the information identified. Any information source which is directly owned/managed by the organization have a high trust level, on the other hand, third-party source might require multiple checks to validate the information.

One such source which can be relied upon is the websites owned by the target organization. Ofcourse, further validation must be done on the assets identified from this source yet we can have a significant level of trust on them.


  • Setup the python environment by providing the jython.jar file in the ‘Options’ tab under ‘Extender’ in Burp Suite.
  • Download the extension.
  • In the ‘Extensions’ tab under ‘Extender’, select ‘Add’.
  • Change the extension type to ‘Python’.
  • Provide the path of the file ‘’ and click on ‘Next’.


  • Add a URL to the ‘Scope’ under the ‘Target’ tab. The extension will start identifying assets through passive scan.