Friday, May 24, 2019
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Must Need


FireELF : Fileless Linux Malware Framework

FireELF is a opensource fileless linux malware framework thats crossplatform and allows users to easily create and manage payloads.

BruteX – Automatically Brute Force All Services Running On A Target

BruteX is a tool to automatically brute force all services running on a target. As you all know...

Hooker : Automated Dynamic Analysis of Android Applications

Hooker is an opensource venture for dynamic analyses of Android applications. This venture gives different devices and applications that can be use to consequently...
Ustealer : Steal Ubuntu Information In Local PC

Ustealer : Steal Ubuntu Information In Local PC

Ustealer is a Ubuntu stealer, steal Ubuntu information in local PC. This tool is always good to go with the USB key....

Camelishing – Social Engineering Tool

Camelishing is a Social Engineering tool with the features like Bulk email sending, Basic Python Agent Creator, Office Excel Macro Creator, DDE Excel Creator(or...

CarbonCopy : A Tool Which Creates A Spoofed Certificate of Any...

CarbonCopy is a tool which creates a spoofed certificate of any online website and signs an Executable for AV Evasion....

Bashark – Bash Pentesters & Security Researchers Post Exploitation Toolkit

Bashark aids pentesters and security researchers during the post-exploitation phase of security audits. To launch it on compromised host, simply source the script...