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Must Need

Thc Hydra : Tool To Gain Unauthorised Access From Remote To A System

Thc Hydra : Tool To Gain Unauthorised Access From Remote To...

Number one of the biggest security holes are passwords, as every password security study shows. Thc Hydra is a proof of concept...

GoldenEye – GoldenEye Layer 7 DoS Test Tool

GoldenEye is an python app for SECURITY TESTING PURPOSES ONLY. GoldenEye is a HTTP DoS Test Tool. Attack Vector exploited: HTTP Keep Alive +...
Best Writing Tools Linux

4 Best Writing Tools Linux

Every writer would undoubtedly use a helping hand when it comes to producing great content. As such, having access to writing tools is paramount;...

Findomain – Tool That Use Certificate Transparency Logs to Find Subdomains

Finddomain is a tool that use Certificates Transparency logs to find subdomains. How it works?

Malice : VirusTotal Wanna Be – Now with 100% more Hipster

Malice mission is to be a free open source version of VirusTotal that anyone can use at any scale from an independent...

Use a Fake image.jpg ‘FakeImageExploiter’ to Exploit Targets

FakeImageExploiter stores all records in apache2 webroot, zips (.zip) the specialist, begins apache2 and metasploit services(handler), and gives a URL to send to target...

MXtract : Memory Extractor & Analyzer 2019

MXtract is an opensource linux based tool that analyzes and dumps memory. It is developed as an offensive pentration testing...

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