TaoWu – A CobaltStrike Toolkit 2020

TaoWu is a CobaltStrike toolkit. All the scripts are gathered on the Internet and slightly modified by myself. You can use it under GPLv3. And all on your own risk.

Any PR is appreciated. Or you can contact me on E-mail taowuopen@protonmail.com Let’s make TaoWu better than ever together.

Any contributions can grant you TaoWu’s internal version access in the near future.

Note: Base on Cobalt Strike3.x & Cobalt Strike4.x


Special Thanks


  • 3.1 (2020.8.7)
    • Add Basic Info and Initial Info gathering to Information Discovery.
    • Add CISCO ASA(CVE-2020-3452)、weblogic(CVE-2016-0638,CVE-2016-3510,CVE-2017-3248,CVE-2017-10271,CVE-2018-2628,CVE-2018-2893,CVE-2019-2725)POCs to Vulnerability.
    • Add dazzleUP to Privilege Escalation.
    • Add some interesting functions for mic recording and webcam shot.
  • 3.0 (2020.7.14)
    • Add “Privilege Escalation” “Lateral Movement” function.
    • Add “Port Forwarding” function.
    • Performance improvements.