This repo contains a toolkit for performing post-mortem analysis of Docker runtime environments based on forensic HDD copies of the docker host system.


  • mount-image Mounts the forensic image of the docker host
  • status Prints status information about the container runtime
  • list-images Prints images found on the computer
  • show-image-history Displays the build history of an image
  • show-image-config Pretty prints the full config file of an image
  • list-containers Prints containers found on the computer
  • show-container-log Displays the latest container logfiles
  • show-container-config Pretty prints the combined container specific config files (config.v2.json and hostconfig.json).
  • mount-container Mounts the file system of a given container at the given location (overlay2 only)
  • macrobber-container-layer Extracts file system metadata from the container layer of the given container. Use the output with the ‘mactime’ tool to create a timeline.
  • macrobber-volumes Extracts file system metadata from the volumes of the given container. Use the output with the ‘mactime’ tool to create a timeline.
  • carve-for-deleted-docker-files Carves the image for deleted Docker files, such as container configs,Dockerfiles and deleted log files. Requires ‘scalpel’ to be installed.

See for a tour of the features.


git-lfs is required to check out this repository. Use whatever editor you like.


Testing this tool in integration with a real Docker host image is complicated because:

  • Mounting images typically requires root permissions
  • Tests need to be executed as root to be able to read files owned by root on the Docker Host file system

Therefore there are two ways to test this tool: one with a real docker Host Image and one with a temporary folder containing select files from a Docker Host image (created by running the script. For local development it’s recommended to use the first way while CI may use the latter.


For a code coverage report run:

pytest --cov-report term-missing --cov=src tests/

Testing with a real Docker Host Image

  1. Mount the Docker Host image by running:sudo python src/dof/ mount-image testimages/alpine-host/output-virtualbox-iso/packer-virtualbox-iso-*-disk001.vmdk.raw

Note the mountpoint of the root Partition in the output:

Mounted volume 4.3 GiB 4:Ext4 / [Linux] on /tmp/test-4-root-2.
  1. Run the pytest command as root with the image-mountpoint as parametersudo pytest –image-mountpoint=/tmp/test-4-root-2

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