Retrieving Bitlocker keys from the TPM using SPI, I2C or LPC communications requires an understanding of the specific protocol supported by the TPM chip, as well as the device’s make and model.

Proper documentation and research are essential for successful key retrieval. This repo is to collaborate all the awesome resources and information hopefully into one place!

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Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a hardware-based security chip that is often used to store encryption keys securely, including Bitlocker keys used for full disk encryption in Windows environments.

Retrieving these keys from the TPM can be achieved through various communication channels, although the specific method may vary depending on the device’s make and model.

Table: TPM Communication Methods

MakeModelModel NumberTPMChipsetProtocolLocationDebug HeadersBlog/ResearchExtractable
LenovoThinkpadL4401.2P24JPVSPLPCUnder KeyboardYesBlogYes
LenovoX1 CarbonGen 112.0ST33TPHF2XSPISPIUnder MotherboardTest Pads@NoobieDogYes
MicrosoftSurface Pro 32.0SLB9665TT2.0LPCUnder BatteryNoBlogYes
AsusTPM-M R2.02.0SLB9665TT2.0LPCYesVideoYes


For further information and detailed instructions, refer to the provided blog posts and research documents.

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A list of awesome tools for sniffing TPM data are listed below.





IceStick LPC TPM Snigger


Hands-on-security Bitlocker/TPM Hardware training Course

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