TrustJack is a tool for yet another PoC For hijacking DLLs in windows.

To be used with a cmd that does whatever the F you want, for a dll that pops cmd, check the list in wietze’s site to check how you should call your dll.

will automatically create c:\Windows \System32 and drop your dll and chosen binary in there, followed by execution. Clean up after yourself by running trustjack again with the -c flag.

You migh be missing fody 2.0, run nuget package restore to fix (right click Solution ‘TrustJacker’ and select ‘restore NuGet packages’)

V1.0.0 by
–dllpath=VALUE Path to the dll on the computer
–binary=VALUE The binary name to pop the shell
-c, –clean, –cleanup Cleanup the fake folder and it’s contents
-h, -?, –help show this help menu.