External Game Project primarily written in C++, utilizing external libraries.

I’m actively combating scammers while developing various cheats and tools for games, including Hack Cheat Driver Esp Aimbot Magic Bullet, Driver Injector Overlay, and Imgui.Developed Cheat Hacks for the Following Games

  • Be careful when purchasing hacking cheats to avoid scams. More projects to come.

Welcome To Our Valorant Cheat Customization! 

Discover a world of possibilities with our comprehensive range of tweakable options. Our mission is to put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to personalize your Valorant cheat experience like never before.

Tailor the cheat functions to match your unique gameplay style and preferences, and dominate the game your way.

Fine-Tune Your Arsenal: Unleash The Power Of Customization

Aimbot Excellence: Modify aimbot settings, from smoothness to bone targeting, to make every shot count. Take precision to new heights!

Sight Optimization: Master the field of view (FOV) adjustments and enhance your awareness. See it all, control it all.

Beyond The Ordinary: Hack With Finesse

While our cheat remains undetected by Valorant’s anti-cheat system, remember that pushing the limits too far can still attract attention.

Keep in mind that extreme settings might raise some eyebrows, even though our protection is robust.

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe: Your Gameplay, Your Responsibility

To maintain the exhilaration while minimizing risks, follow our guidelines meticulously. Configure your settings to emulate human-like behavior closely.

Not only will this elevate your performance, but it will also keep those unwanted consequences at bay.

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