VTHunting is a tiny tool based on the VT api version 3 to run daily, weekly or monthly report about malware hunting. The report can be send via email, Slack channel or Telegram.

The tool can also be used in cli to get a report anytime. The default number of result is 10 but it can be increase or decrease in the config part. This tool is only working with a Virus Total Intelligence API.

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Report Example

The below extract is an example of generated report.

McAfee ATR | Thomas Roccia | @fr0gger_
Get latest hunting notification from VirusTotal

Latest report from 2018-12-24 10:20:30.158831
Rule name: FancyBear_ComputraceAgent
Match date: 2018-12-24 17:38:17
SHA256: f5157e5b8afe1f79f29c947449477d13ede3d7341699256e62966474a7ee1eb5
Tags: [apt28, fancybear_computraceagent]
Rule name: Winexe_RemoteExecution
Match date: 2018-12-24 15:01:15
SHA256: 1e194647c05b0068c31cd443b5bcacc2dd41799e5d21a40e0c58adbad01c28c6
Tags: [winexe_remoteexecution, apt28]
Rule name: hatman_compiled_python: hatman
Match date: 2018-12-24 00:28:21
SHA256: 14c64fc93ae68f01989db992bf8ee47ffd33edf66223b84f3fae52f9a843a03f
Tags: [triton, hatman, hatman_compiled_python]
Rule name: Stuxnet_unpacked
Match date: 2018-12-24 15:00:00
SHA256: 86b05279bf4930ffc0c00e4fd22c8ab9e964e8d45d39bfca42e129b95dc33481
Tags: [stuxnet, stuxnet_unpacked] —————————————————————————–
Rule name: Stuxnet
Match date: 2018-12-24 14:59:59
SHA256: 86b05279bf4930ffc0c00e4fd22c8ab9e964e8d45d39bfca42e129b95dc33481
Tags: [stuxnet]

Getting Started

Just download the script:

git clone https://github.com/fr0gger/vthunting

Then configure the config part with your API keys and info:

#Virus Total API
VTAPI = “”
number_of_result = “” # 10 by default

#Email Configuration
smtp_serv = “”
smtp_port = “”
gmail_login = “”
gmail_pass = “” # pass from APP
gmail_dest = “”

#Slack Bot config

#Telegram Bot config
TOKEN = “”
chat_id = “”

Once the config is ready you can run the file with:

python vthunting.py –help

usage: vthunting.py [OPTION]
-h, –help Print this help
-r, –report Print the VT hunting report
-s, –slack_report Send the report to a Slack channel
-e, –email_report Send the report by email
-t, –telegram_report Send the report to Telegram



You first need to install the requirement:

  • requests
  • slackclient

pip install -r requirements.txt


Get your API key from Virus Total. https://developers.virustotal.com/v3.0/reference

Email Configuration (gmail)

To create an app you can find the documentation here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833

Slack Bot Configuration

To generate a token you need to go here and follow the step: https://api.slack.com/custom-integrations/legacy-tokens

Telegram Bot Configuration

To get a token you need to create a Telegram bot by talking to @BotFather, it will help you to configure your bot and get your token. Once you get your token visit https://api.telegram.org/bot<YOUR_TOKEN>/getUpdates to get the channel id.

Install in your system

If you want to access to this script anywhere you can copy it without the extension into:

cp vthunting.py /usr/local/bin/vthunting

Configure the task scheduler with crontab

You can use crontab to run the script and receive report periodically.

crontab -e