WormGPT is a malicious AI tool promoted on the dark web as the adversary of ChatGPT. Used by Black Hat Hacker in Hacking


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Tested On :

  • Termux
  • Kali Linux


Update the packages

pkg up -y

Install some dependencies

pkg install git wget python -y

Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/TeamD-404/Worm-GPT

Go to the W0rm-Gpt directory

cd Worm-GPT

Now Install the Requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the script

python WormGPT.py

Get The Api Key

Get Api Key


  • Can do anything you want !!
  • All Ai chatbot and all questions will be answered in goodflow


  • This Chat Worm-GPT is mainly to get knowledge not for other purposes!

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