6 Reasons You Should Buy A Budget Phone

6 Reasons You Should Buy A Budget Phone

There is an unfortunate misconception around the idea of budget devices. People think they are priced low because they cost less to make and the materials used are of low quality. This may have been true in the past, but we are past that stage now.

Most brands lower their prices when newer models come into the market. Also, because the overall consumer base for smartphones has increased worldwide, they can reduce the rate and still make a profit. So instead of looking down on a device due to its price tag, you should be looking for one with a low price tag. There are many reasons for this.

Flagships are overrated

Don’t get me wrong, Pixels and iPhones are great.They give you the best and most updated features. But given the current market conditions, those features don’t stay unique for long. There is so much competition that soon after one flagship is launched, five budget phones enter with the same or similar features.

Take the fingerprint scanner, for instance. A few years ago, this unique feature made iPhone 5S so appealing. Then it appeared in Nexus phones that were a great hit. Now,this feature is everywhere. This ever-growing industry is not going to stand still.

Also, are flagships worth it? Think about it. The Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 have drastic differences in the price. But given that Pixel 3a now runs the latest Android version, you get a very similar experience on it as the Pixel 4. Newer models in the same range often have fewer upgrades, but a large jump in price. Does that seem justified? Not to us.

Light on the wallet

This goes without saying – budget devices are easier on your wallet. You may use your smartphone for many activities daily, but are you willing to spend a lot on one item? There is a limit to how much you can pay for it.

Often, if your old phone gets lost, broken, or stolen, you would geta replacement immediately. Not everyone can make pricey purchases on short notice. This is where budget phones come in to save your day.

Also, if you spend less on one device, you can save more for other things – maybe even multiple devices. Buy a budget phone, save up some money, and then buy a tab too!

There is a wider variety

If you search for phones based on price ranges, you will realize this. There is a much wider variety of mid-range and budget phones compared to high-end ones. However, not all budget devices are that great.

Here is the catch. You will not get everything in one device. Look at the reviews for details. David Castano has reviewed a good number of budget devices at ConvergedDevices.net. He explains the strategy that these brands use for mid-range phones in his articles. He says, “The brands focus on one or two major features and categorize their devices. For example, you might get a great battery life but average performance, or, a great camera but low battery life. You pick what you need more.”So, you get a combination of great and average features, which makes an overall satisfactory device.

Easy maintenance!

Okay, budget phones do cost less to manufacture. But that’s not because they are of low quality. The technology that was only available with one supplier five years ago, is now available from three others. This causes competition in price. This allows phone manufacturers to bargain and get materials at a lower cost.

Additionally, when an updated version of that technology or a component is available, there is less demand for the older ones. This also causes the prices to go down.

Why do you need to know this? Well, lower material charges mean it will cost less to repair your device. And these materials that are considered ‘not premium’ are often more durable and more readily available. Which back cover do you think will crack easily – plastic or glass? (We all know the answer).

Focus on battery

Some mid-range phones have a very good battery life. Some batteries have a high capacity (more than their competitors), and some have an average capacity but last long. Nobody knows why brands tend to add large batteries to budget phones. But budget phones often have a lower RAM and less powerful processors. This is the reason why even with an average capacity, the battery can last much longer.

Yes, a lot of high-end and flagship phones also have great battery life, but they come at a higher price. If you compare battery life, you will see much better options in the mid-range category.

Got bored? Get another!

This is a personal opinion, but we’re sure many users will agree with this:

  • It is easy to get tired of using the same device. System upgrades do not always bring a lot of changes to a phone.
  • Updated devices are hitting the stores too often.

Even if your device has not been damaged in any way, you might want to change it. It may not be justified, but a lot of us do get bored of using the same device. If you spend a lot on one, you may not be able to get another one too soon.

Even if you are not bored with it, your phone will start to seem old soon. Although this does not apply to iPhone users, itis what Google is doing now. Phones are designed to get software updates for only 2 or 3 years. After a while, when your software is too outdated, you cannot use updated apps. Not to mention, you will stop getting security updates and bug fixes. This makes your device vulnerable to malware.There are severalphones that won’t be getting the Android 10 update. If you have to buy a new one after a year or two, why not keep it within a budget?


You have more choices when you lower your budget. You don’t have to lower your expectations, however. Just make sure to do your research – find out what you want and read as many reviews as you can. You will learn about the pros and cons. Even flagships are not without flaws. But some brands do a great job of balancing budget smartphones and can provide good value for money!