AceLdr is a position-independent reflective loader for Cobalt Strike. Zero results from Hunt-Sleeping-Beacons, BeaconHunter, BeaconEye, Patriot, Moneta, PE-sieve, or MalMemDetect.


Easy to Use

Import a single CNA script before generating shellcode.

Dynamic Memory Encryption

Creates a new heap for any allocations from Beacon and encrypts entries before sleep.

Code Obfuscation and Encryption

Changes the memory containing CS executable code to non-executable and encrypts it (FOLIAGE).

Return Address Spoofing at Execution

Certain WinAPI calls are executed with a spoofed return address (InternetConnectA, NtWaitForSingleObject, RtlAllocateHeap).

Sleep Without Sleep

Delayed execution using WaitForSingleObjectEx.

RC4 Encryption

All encryption performed with SystemFunction032.

Known Issues

  • Not compatible with loaders that rely on the shellcode thread staying alive.

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