Adidnsdump tool is an Active Directory Integrated DNS dumping by any authenticated user.

By default any user in Active Directory can enumerate all DNS records in the Domain or Forest DNS zones, similar to a zone transfer.

This tool enables enumeration and exporting of all DNS records in the zone for recon purposes of internal networks.

Install and usage

You can either install the tool via pip with pip install it or install it from git to have the latest version:

git clone
cd adidnsdump
pip install .


pip install git+

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The tool requires impacket and dnspython to function. While the tool works with both Python 2 and 3, Python 3 support requires you to install impacket.

Installation adds the command to your PATH. For help, try adidnsdump -h. The tool can be used both directly from the network and via an implant using proxychains. If using proxychains, make sure to specify the –dns-tcp option.