Every business owner thinks about how to ensure a safety for own finances, confidential documents, workers’ and clients’ personal data and money. When it comes to a business of any scale in any niche there are a lot of aspects, which require a protection.

Moreover, considering the increase of the number of online frauds the enhancement of the protection system is a mandatory point for the optimal functioning of the business.

Today the best way to protect your business from any type of a virtual fraud is to use a fraud detection software. The functioning of the fraud detection software is based on the mechanism of the risk management software.

A great technology of the risk management software was created for the analysis of the large amount of information in a short time. This unique anti-fraud system is aimed at the recognizing a scammer as soon as possible not to allow them starting a fraud process.

The use of the risk management software helps to explore the analyzed information and make forecasts about possible threats.

Here is a list of anti-fraud systems, which include a fraud detection software, which are the most popular on the market:   

·         Bot Manager (Akamai)

·         Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

·         Fraud Prevention by Forter

·         FraudForce (TransUnion)

·         ThreatMetrix

·         Guaranteed Fraud Prevention (Signifyd)

·         Radware Bot Manager

·         Monitor Plus

·         Emailage

·         Phoneprinting (Pindrop)

·         Guardian Analytics

·         Kount Complete

·         Cleafy

·         Fraud Management by Accertify

·         Behaviosec Behavioral Biometrics

·         Payer Authentication by CyberSource

·         ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection Solution

·         Instant Verify and Instant Authenticate and InstantID (LexisNexis)

·         FraudNet by Experian

Be sure that the choice of any fraud detection system from the list will be a great step towards the advancement of your business security system. Inasmuch as a fraud detection system is one of the most effective anti-fraud tools.

In addition to the fraud detection software it is reasonable to use such preventive methods as device fingerprinting, chargeback prevention, trust-chain, AML and KYC systems, etc. All mentioned technologies are offered by Covery, which is a famous high-class fraud detection software provider in the USA and Europe. 

Covery offers a high-grade fraud detection software, which is appropriate for different business spheres. Today more often the implementation of a fraud detection software is required by representatives of e-commerce