ADLab : Custom PowerShell Module To Setup An Active Directory Lab Environment To Practice Penetration Testing


ADLab, the purpose of this module is to automate the deployment of an Active Directory lab for practicing internal penetration testing.

Credits to Joe Helle and his PowerShell for Pentesters course regarding the generation of the attack vectors.



Optional but recommended: Move Module into PSModulePath

# Display PSModulePath
# Move module to path
Move-Item .\ADLab\ “C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modu


#Import global module
Import-Module ADLab
#Import local module
Import-Module .\ADLab.psm1

Initial Lab Setup


This function prepares the current VM/computer to be used as a domain controller for the new forest. It sets a static IP address, sets the DNS server to be the localhost and renames the computer.

#Prepare the current VM with all default values while displaying verbose output
Invoke-DCPrep -Verbose
#Set custom hostname and use Google DNS for Internet access
Invoke-DCPrep -Hostname “DC” -NewIPv4DNSServer “”
#Use custom IP and default gateway and display verbose output
Invoke-DCPrep -Verbose -NewIPv4Address “” -NewIPv4Gateway “”


The function installs the AD DS feature and sets up a new Active Directory forest, without requiring any user input. Restarts the computer upon completion.

Installs a new forest with FQDN of “bufu-sec.local” with default DSRM password of “Password!”
Invoke-ForestDeploy -Domain bufu-sec.local
Installs a new forest with FQDN of “bufu-sec.local” with the DSRM password set to “P@ssword!” and displaying debug messages
Invoke-ForestDeploy -Domain “bufu-sec.local” -DSRMPassword “P@ssword!” -Verbose


The function begins by installing the DNS feature. It then adds the primary zone and configures the server forwarder.

Install and configure DNS on the current host and display verbose output.

Invoke-DNSDeploy -Verbose -NetworkID -ZoneFile “” -ServerForwarder


The function begins by installing the DHCP feature on the current machine. It then adds the necesarry security groups and authorizes the new DHCP server with the domain controller. Finally, it configures the new DHCP scope with the supplied values.

Install and configure DHCP on the local DC.
Invoke-DHCPDeploy -Verbose -ScopeName “Default” -ScopeID -StartIP -EndIP -SubnetMask -DNSServer -Router
Install and configure DHCP on the specified DC.
Invoke-DHCPDeploy -Verbose -ScopeName “Default” -ScopeID -StartIP -EndIP -SubnetMask -DNSServer -Router -DCFQDN DC01.bufu-sec.local



The function begins by creating the groups and OUs defined in the global Groups variable. It then generates 10 user objects for each OU by default.

Fill forest with objects and display verbose output
Invoke-ADLabConfig -Verbose
Create 50 users for each OU and display verbose output
Invoke-ADLabConfig -Verbose -UserCount 50

Attack Vectors

Set-ASREP Roasting

The function gets a certain amount of random user from the domain and sets the DoesNotRequirePreAuth flag for each. Excludes default accounts like Administrator and krbtgt. Makes 5% of users ASREP-Roastable by default.

Make 5% of users ASREP-Roastable and display verbose output
Set-ASREPRoasting -Verbose
Make 10 random users in the domain ASREP-Roastable
Set-ASREPRoasting -VulnerableUsersCount 10
Make user bufu ASREP-Roastable and display verbose output
Set-ASREPRoasting -Users bufu -Verbose
Make supplied list of users ASREP-roastable and display verbose output
Set-ASREPRoasting -Users (“bufu”, “pepe”) -Verbose


The function begins by granting the Chads group GenericAll rights on the Domain Admins. It then grants the Degens group GenericALl rights on the Chads group. Finally, it grants GenericAll rights on some users from the Degens group to some users of the Normies group.

#Create vulnerable ACLs and display verbose output
Set-BadACLs -Verbose


The function first configures GPO to allow WinRM over TCP port 5985 to domain-joined systems. It then enables PS Remoting through GPO.

#Enable PS Remoting and display verbose output
Set-PSRemoting -Verbose


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