Aduket : Straight-forward HTTP Client Testing, Assertions Included

Aduket Straight-forward HTTP client testing, assertions included. Simple httptest.Server wrapper with a little request recorder spice on it. No special DSL, no complex API to learn. Just create a server and fire your request like an Hadouken then assert it.


  • Add support for accessing to each RequestRecorder of Route of MultiRouteServer
  • Extract Request().Body to requestRecorder.Body binding logic to CustomBinder
  • Add badges to
  • Add NewServerWithTimeout for testing API timeouts
  • http.RoundTripper interface can be implemented to mock arbitrary URLs
  • Add multiple request assertion logic
  • Add example usages
  • Add docs
  • Add meaningful error messages to assertions
  • Add response headers to NewServer
  • Add request header assertions
  • Add multiple route registration to server

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