AtomShields Cli is a Command-Line Interface to use the software AtomShields. AtomShields is a security testing framework for repositories and source code.

This system has different modules that detect different vulnerabilities or files that may expose a risk, and the results obtained can be obtained or sent thanks to the reporting modules.

For developers: There is also the possibility to develop your own vulnerability detection (called checkers) or reporting modules. This tool offers certain facilities for those who want to implement their own modules, publish them and integrate them into the official ElevenPaths tool.

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pip install atomshieldscli

Basic Usage

ascli <action> <context> –target <path> –name <project_name>

The allowed action values are:

  • install: To install a checker or a report, depending the context setted.
  • uninstall: To uninstall a checker or a report, depending the context setted.
  • run: To run the scan.
  • show: To show a checker list or a report list, depending the context setted.
  • help: Show the help

The allowed context values are:

  • checkers: Operate with checkers
  • reports: Operate with reports

The target option set the path to scan, or the plugin (checker/report) to install/uninstall.

Show All Checkers

ascli show checkers

Show All Reports

ascli show reports

Install Checker

ascli install checkers –target path/to/

Install Report

ascli install reports –target path/to/

Uninstall Checker

ascli uninstall checkers –target path/to/
ascli uninstall checkers –target checker_name

Uninstall Report

ascli uninstall reports –target path/to/
ascli uninstall reports –target checker_name

Run The Scan

ascli run –target path/to/ –name repo_name