PwnedPasswordsChecker : Tool To Check Hash Of Password

PwnedPasswordsChecker : Tool To Check Hash Of Password

PwnedPasswordsChecker is a tool that checks if the hash of a known password (in SHA1 or NTLM format) is present in the list of I Have Been Pwned leaks and the number of occurrences.

You can download the hash-coded version for SHA1 here or the hash-coded version for NTLM here

Once the list is downloaded it is then necessary to convert it to binary by using my other tool HIBP PasswordList Slimmer

This script only works with the HIBP version sorted by hash and entry hashes must be in lowercase and preferably ordered by hashs


./PwnedPasswordsChecker {InputHashList} {HashType} {OutputFile} {CompressedHIBPHashList}
./PwnedPasswordsChecker .\NTLM_LIST.txt NTLM .\Output.txt .\ntlm_hibp_compressed.bin

Output format : {hash}:{occurence}


Download the compiled version for Windows or Linux from release page

If you wish to compile it yourself, you will need to have golang installed on your system and perform the following commands:

git clone && cd PwnedPasswordsChecker
go build main.go


Thanks to the use of a “compressed” format the tool has largely gained in performance, example of use between the old version and the new one with a list of 20,000 hashes (Intel Core I7 8565U) :