In cryptanalysis and computer security, password cracking is the process of recovering passwords from data that has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system in scrambled form.

A common approach (brute-force attack) is to repeatedly try guesses for the password and to check them against an available cryptographic hash of the password.

This is a curated list of awesome tools, research, papers and other projects related to password cracking and password security by

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  • Cloud_crack – Crack passwords using Terraform and AWS.
  • Cloudcat – A script to automate the creation of cloud infrastructure for hash cracking.
  • Cloudstomp – Automated deployment of instances on EC2 via plugin for high CPU/GPU applications at the lowest price.
  • Cloudtopolis – A tool that facilitates the installation and provisioning of Hashtopolis on the Google Cloud Shell platform, quickly and completely unattended (and also, free!).
  • NPK – NPK is a distributed hash-cracking platform built entirely of serverless components in AWS including Cognito, DynamoDB, and S3.
  • Penglab – Abuse of Google Colab for cracking hashes.
  • Rook – Automates the creation of AWS p3 instances for use in GPU-based password cracking.

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