Burrow is an open source tool for burrowing through firewalls, built by teenagers at Hack Club.

burrow provides a simple command-line tool to open virtual interfaces and direct traffic through them.


Burrow is fully open source, you can fork the repo and start contributing easily.

For more information and in-depth discussions, visit the #burrow channel on the Hack Club Slack, here you can ask for help and talk with other people interested in burrow! Checkout GETTING_STARTED.md for build instructions and GTK_APP.md for the Linux app.

The project structure is divided in the following folders:

Apple/ # Xcode project for burrow on macOS and iOS
burrow/ # Higher-level API library for tun and tun-async
burrow-gtk/ # GTK project for burrow on Linux
tun/ # Low-level interface to OS networking
        tokio/ # Async/Tokio code
        unix/ # macOS and Linux code
        windows/ # Windows networking code


To start burrowing, download the latest release build in the release section.

Hack Club

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