Buster is a tool to find emails of a person and return info associated with them. It is a simple OSINT tool used to:

  • Get social accounts from various sources(gravatar,about.me,myspace,skype,github,linkedin,avast)
  • Get links to where the email was found using google,twitter,darksearch and paste sites
  • Get domains registered with an email (reverse whois)
  • Generate possible emails and usernames of a person
  • Find the email of a social media account
  • Find emails from a username
  • Find the work email of a person using hunter.io


Clone the repository:

$ git clone git://github.com/sham00n/buster

Once you have a copy of the source, you can install it with:

$ cd buster/
$ python3 setup.py install
$ buster -h

API keys

This project uses hunter.io to get information from company emails,the first couple “company email” searches dont require a key,if you have an interest in company emails i recommend that you sign up for an account on hunter.io.

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Once you get an API key, add it to the file “api-keys.yaml” and rerun the command:

$ python setup.py install


buster usage

Usage examples

Get info of a single email(exists or not,social media where email was used,data breaches,pastes and links to where it was found)

$ buster -e target@example.com

Query for list of emails`

$ buster –list emails.txt

Generate emails that matches the pattern and checks if they exist or not(use the -a argument if you have more info to add(ex: -a nickname fav_color phone #)

$ buster -e j9@g****.com -f john -l doe -b ****1989

Generate usernames (use with -o option and input the file to recon-ng’s profiler module)

$ buster -f john -m james -l doe -b 13071989

Generate emails (use -v if you want to validate and get info of each email)

$ buster -f john -m james -l doe -b 13071989 -p gmail.com yahoo.com

Generate 100+ emails in the format username@provider.com and returns the valid ones(use -p if you dont want all 100+)

$ buster -u johndoe

Generate a company email and returns info associated with it

$ buster -f john -l doe -c company.com