C41N : An Automated Rogue Access Point Setup Tool

c41n is an automated Rogue Access Point setup tool. c41n provides automated setup of several types of Rogue Access Points, and Evil Twin attacks.

It sets up an access point with user defined characteristics (interface, name and channel for the access point), sets up DHCP server for the access point, and provides user with abilities of HTTP traffic sniffing, or Captive Portal setup with credential sniffing.


Installation consists of cloning the repo, running a script that will install dependencies , and making c41n executable. Script only works with apt package manager (Debian based distributions).

# git clone
# cd c41n
# sudo bash
# sudo chmod +x c41n

Dependencies can also be installed manually (without the script) with apt-get package manager (Debian based distributions):

# sudo apt-get install net-tools hostapd dnsmasq tcpflow


c41n can be run in interactive, and quick mode.

To run c41n in interactive mode:

# ./c41n

Quick mode:

Start Rogue AP:

# ./c41n <AP interface> <internet connection interface><AP name><AP channel>

Start Rogue AP + sniffing HTTP traffic:

# ./c41n sniff <AP interface><internet connection interface><AP name><AP channel>

Start Rogue AP + captive portal:

# ./c41n captive <ap interface><internet connection interface><AP name><AP channel><redirection parameter>

Redirection parameter can have the following values:

0: Redirects only predefined domains.
1: Redirects all traffic. domains_file: Redirects predefined domains + domains from specified file (separated by new line).


[1] Start Rogue AP on wlan0 interface, route traffic from eth0 interface, AP name: ‘AP’, AP channel: ‘1’

# ./c41n wlan0 eth0 AP 1

[2] Start Rogue AP and sniff HTTP traffic on wlan0 interface, route traffic from wlan1 interface, AP name: ‘Access_Point’, AP channel: ‘6’

# ./c41n sniff wlan0 wlan1 Access_Point 6

[3] Start Rogue AP with captive portal on wlp6s0 interface, redirect default domains and domains from custom file (/home/name/Documents/domains.txt), route traffic from eth1 interface, AP name: ‘router’, AP channel: ‘9’

# ./c41n captive wlp6s0 eth1 router 9 /home/name/Documents/domains.txt


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