ChaiLdr – AV Evasive Payload Loader represents a cutting-edge approach in malware development, blending innovative evasion techniques to bypass modern antivirus solutions.

Crafted with advanced concepts learned in malware engineering, this tool introduces a new level of sophistication in delivering payloads undetected.

From indirect syscalls and API hammering to HTTP/S shellcode staging, ChaiLdr sets a new benchmark in the realm of cybersecurity threats.

A simple shellcode loader built with the concepts of Malware development I have learnt till now.


  • Indirect syscalls with SysWhispers3 – jumper_randomized
  • QueueUserAPC Injection
  • HTTP/S shellcode staging
  • Execution delay using API Hammering
  • IAT Camouflage
  • API Hashing

Testing With Havoc And The Latest Windows Defender


CRT Library Removal : I tried a lot to get the payload working with CRT Library removed and make it independent with custom intrinsic functions for – memcpy, memset, rand, stand, etc, but ended up with a lot of crashes and after hours of debugging couldn’t get it working, I’ll incorporate it into a dev branch soon enough.

I have used minicrt, MiniCRT, etc for references but still couldn’t get it to work.

Shellcode Encryption : The shellcode is fetched from a remote server, providing SSL support. I haven’t incorporated any shellcode encryption, when used with Havoc, Havoc provides Sleep encryption.

Why not HellsGate? : HellGate incorporated only direct syscalls, HellsHall uses indirect syscalls, but I’m still learning that and will build my custom implementation of it in the future

EDR Evasion? : This is a simple shellcode payload loader, it can bypass a lot of antivirus software and some EDRs but the techniques it incorporates aren’t the best, so as I keep learning I’ll make better loaders!