Kill a live running QAKbot on an infected machine. More on this : Operation Duckhunt : Field Testing the FBI’s Anti-Qakbot Payload

(C) Raashid Bhat

In the constantly changing world of online threats, Qakbot has become a powerful foe. This malware has caused problems on many systems because it stays around and does damage.

But there is a bright side to every cloud. Raashid Bhat came up with “Anti-Qakbot,” which is meant to stop this digital threat.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about how this tool works, where it came from, and how it helps Operation Duckhunt, which is a joint attempt between the FBI and the NSA to stop Qakbot.

Whether you’re interested in cybersecurity or a professional looking for answers, this article will give you ideas and steps to take to fight this well-known malware. Hold on tight, because we’re going on a trip about digital defense.

  • Downlaod KillQbot.exe
  • If the pipe is found of the system , it will send a CMD0x04 via that pipe to invoke the kill command on qakbot
  • If successful , a message would be displayed

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