Cloudtopolis : Cracking Hashes In The Cloud For Free

Cloudtopolis : Cracking Hashes In The Cloud For Free

Cloudtopolis is a tool that facilitates the installation and provisioning of Hashtopolis on the Google Cloud Shell platform, quickly and completely unattended (and also, free!).


  • Have 1 Google account (at least).


  • Cloudtopolis installation is carried out in two phases:

Phase 1

Access Google Cloud Shell from the following link:

Then, run the following commands inside this terminal:

chmod +x

Phase 2

Access Google Colaboratory through the following link:

It is necessary to fill the fields in the “Requeriments” section with the data obtained in Google Cloud Shell and Hashtopolis.

For this, you can access to Hashtopolis directly from the following url:

Or through an SSH tunnel, following the instructions that appear after the execution of the first script.

Finally, run the Colaboratory code until the agent is registered with Hashtopolis.


After installation is complete, more agents can be added by repeating phase 2 as many times as desired. For this, it is necessary to use 1 Google account for each instance of Colaboratory. It is not necessary to repeat phase 1 at any time, you can use your other accounts or those of your friends and colleagues.

Now it is possible to select additional options!

AllwaysP100 = If selected, the script will not run unless the assigned GPU is a TESLA P100
Kaonashi = Will download Kaonashi.txt dictionary and OneRuleToRuleThemAll rule
Rockyou = Will download rockyou.txt dictionary

To load them, it is only necessary to change “False” to “True” before starting the code from the notebook.
By default, only Rockyou is selected to load at startup.

The detailed guide for installation, use and advice is at the following link:


This project is licensed under the GNU 3.0 license – see the LICENSE file for more details.

The following are the NVIDIA and Google Colaboratory terms and conditions, as well as the frequently asked questions:

Credits & Acknowledgments