Words Scraper : Selenium Based Web Scraper To Generate Passwords List

Selenium based web scraper to generate passwords list.


$Download Firefox webdriver from
$ tar xzf geckodriver-v{VERSION-HERE}.tar.gz
$ sudo mv geckodriver /usr/local/bin # Make sure it is in your PATH
$ geckodriver –version # Make sure webdriver is properly installed
$ git clone
$ sudo pip3 install -r words-scraper/requirements.txt

Use Cases

Scraping words from the target’s pages

$ python3 -o words.txt

Such generated words list can be used to perform online brute-force attack or for cracking password hashes:

$ hashcat -m 0 hashes.txt words.txt

Use –depth option to scrape words from the linked pages as well. Optional –show-gui switch may be used to track the progress and make a quick view of the page:

$ python3 -o words.txt –depth 1 –show-gui

Generated words list can be expanded by using script. This script removes special chars and accents. An example Polish word źdźbło! will be transformed into the following words:

  • źdźbło!
  • zdzblo!
  • źdźbło
  • zdzblo

$ cat words.txt | python3 | sort -u > words2.txt

  • Scraping words from the target’s Twitter

Twitter page is dynamically loaded while scrolling. Use –max-scrolls option to scrape words:

$ python3 -o words.txt –max-scrolls 300 –show-gui

  • Scraping via Socks proxy

$ ssh -D 1080 -Nf {USER-HERE}@{IP-HERE} >/dev/null 2>&
$ python3 -o words.txt –socks-proxy


Usage: [-h] [–depth DEPTH] [–max-scrolls MAX_SCROLLS]
[–min-word-length MIN_WORD_LENGTH]
[–page-load-delay PAGE_LOAD_DELAY]
[–page-scroll-delay PAGE_SCROLL_DELAY] [–show-gui]
[–socks-proxy SOCKS_PROXY] -o OUTPUT_FILE
url [url …]
Words scraper (version: 1.0)

Positional Arguments:
url URL to scrape

Optional Arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
–depth DEPTH scraping depth, default: 0
–max-scrolls MAX_SCROLLS
maximum number of the page scrolls, default: 0
–min-word-length MIN_WORD_LENGTH
default: 3
–page-load-delay PAGE_LOAD_DELAY
page loading delay, default: 3.0
–page-scroll-delay PAGE_SCROLL_DELAY
page scrolling delay, default: 1.0
–show-gui show browser GUI
–socks-proxy SOCKS_PROXY
socks proxy e.g.
-o OUTPUT_FILE, –output-file OUTPUT_FILE
save words to file