A custom bash script designed to streamline your startup process and enhance your scripting skills.

Originally crafted for personal use and shared for community benefit, this tool is perfect for Linux enthusiasts seeking efficiency.

Whether you’re setting up your environment or skipping system updates, “star-tup” offers a practical solution to customize and optimize your Linux experience.

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Welcome to star-tup friend =)

This is my first script on bash and my first repo!

I make this tool to practise bash script and for my personal use, I share it in case someone find it useful.

To run *tup in your Linux distro, copy the script and paste it in .sh or .txt file and execute it with bash or add its path with an alias of your choice, I obviously recommend "startup"!

Tested in Kali Linux and Kali with AutoBSP.

Feel free to change what you want and leave a pull request with your improvements, 

Thank you for your visit!


v2 ===========> 24/4/2024

Solved problems v1: 
* No execution errors when update.

New features: 
*  -h | --help flag = Show helpsheet.
* -su | --skip-upgrade = Launch *tup without updates.
*  -s | --setup = Change the layer keyboard and your timezone before launch *tup.
*  Without flags, if we update Linux, *tup will question us if we want to upgrade the kernel too.

v1 ===========> 11/04/2024