Dive into the world of colorlight-riscv-rs, where we embark on an exciting journey to manipulate Chinese LED display boards using cutting-edge technologies.

Join us as we explore the fusion of Rust, RISC-V, and open-source FPGA tools to unlock new possibilities in hardware hacking and innovation.


my (ongoing) adventure on trying to control a

with rust and open source tools (yosys, nextpnr, prjtrellis and openFPGALoader).


  • soc – files for building & flashing the fpga with the risc-v soc
  • litex-pac – the peripheral access crate (pac), generated via svd2rust
  • firmware – the firmware that will run

each directory should have a readme.md with more in-depth instructions

Firmware In C

you can check this repo for a similar example, but flashing a C firmware.