Corsy : CORS Misconfiguration Scanner

Corsy is a lightweight program that scans for all known mis-configurations in CORS implementations.


It only works with Python 3 and has the following depencies:

  • tld
  • requests

To install these dependencies, navigate to the tool directory and execute pip3 install -r requirements.txt

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Using Corsy is pretty simple

python3 -u

A delay between consecutive requests can be specified with -d option.

Note: This is a beta version, features such as JSON output and scanning multiple hosts will be added later.

Tests Implemented

  • Pre-domain bypass
  • Post-domain bypass
  • Backtick bypass
  • Null origin bypass
  • Unescaped dot bypass
  • Invalid value
  • Wild card value
  • Origin reflection test
  • Third party allowance test
  • HTTP allowance test