CryptoVenom is an OpenSource tool which contains a lot of cryptosystems and cryptoanalysis methods all in one, including classical algorithms, hash algorithms, encoding algorithms, logic gates, mathematical functions, modern symmetric and asymmetric encryptions etc.

What is the Purpose of CryptoVenom?

Make easier the cryptoanalysis or the usage of cryptosystems and manipulation of them. If you are a CTF Player or just a curious student with just learning purposes this is your tool!

It is JUST working for linux, I tested it just in kali and in Parrot OS, if you are in another dist and you have problems let me know. Installing is a very simple process, just execute as root the file and dependencies will be installed.

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[+] Classical

[*] Caesar
[*] Vigenere Cipher
[*] Playfair Cipher
[*] Polybius Square
[*] Morse
[*] Atbash
[*] Baconian
[*] AutoKey
[*] Beaufort Cipher
[*] Railfence Cipher
[*] Simple Substitution Cipher
[*] Columnar Tramposition
[*] Bifid
[*] Foursquare Cipher
[*] Fractionated Morse
[*] Enigma
[*] Gronsfeld Cipher
[*] Porta
[*] RunningKey
[*] ADFGVX Cipher
[*] ADFGX Cipher
[*] Affine Cipher
[*] Vernam Cipher

[+] Asymmetric

[*] RSA
[*] Diffie-Hellman
[*] DSA
[*] ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography)

[+] Symmetric

[*] AES / Rijndael (Advanced Encryption Algorithm)
[*] DES (Data Encryption Standard)
[*] XOR Cipher
[*] Blowfish
[*] Twofish
[*] 3DES / TDES (Triple DES)
[*] RC2 (Ron’s Code 2)
[*] RC4 (Ron’s Code 4)
[*] CAST
[*] SCrypt

[+] Encoding

[*]URL Encode/Decode

[+] Hash

[*]BigCrypt Unix
[*]BSDi Crypt Unix
[*]Cisco ASA Hash
[*]Cisco PIX Hash
[*]Cisco Type 7
[*]Crypt-16 Unix
[*]DES Crypt Unix
[*]FreeBSD Unix
[*]LDAP Salted MD5
[*]LDAP Salted SHA-1
[*]MD5 Unix
[*]MSDCC Hash
[*]MSDCC 2 Hash
[*]MSSQL 2000 Hash
[*]MSSQL 2005 Hash
[*]MySQL 41 Hash
[*]MySQL 323 Hash
[*]NTLM Hash
[*]Oracle 10 Hash
[*]Oracle 11 Hash
[*]PHPass Hash
[*]PostgreSQL MD5
[*]SHA-256 Unix
[*]SHA-512 Unix
[*]Sun MD5 Unix

[+] String Manipulation

[*]Reverse String
[*]Block Reverse String
[*]String To Upper
[*]String To Lower
[*]One-Byte List
[*]Reverse Case
[*]Remove Spaces
[*]Remove Enters
[*]String Replacement
[*]Add Line Numbers

[+] Mathematical Functions

[*]Fast Exponentiation Algorithm
[*]Extended Euclidean Algorithm
[*]Fatorize Product of two primes

[+] Other

[*]PGP Operations

Planning-to-add features

  • File Hashing
  • Finish Crackssistant
  • PGP Operations
  • Algorithm Identifiers
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • ElGamal
  • Bruteforcers & crackers against Symmetric algorithms
  • More crackers & bruteforcers against Classical Algorithms
  • Calculate file entrophy
  • Key Exchanges with TCP Sockets
  • More error handling and “try/excepts”
  • More customizable options
  • More encodings in hash bruteforcer
  • Add HMAC-(hash) for each hash algorithm
  • Please: If you want anything to be added to the tool contact me and I’ll add it to the next version!