dBmonster you are able to scan for nearby WiFi devices and track them trough the signal strength (dBm) of their sent packets (sniffed with TShark). These dBm values will be plotted to a graph with matplotlib. It can help you to identify the exact location of nearby WiFi devices (use a directional WiFi antenna for the best results) or to find out how your self made antenna works the best (antenna radiation patterns).

Features on Linux and MacOS

Listing WiFi interfaces
Track & scan on 2.4GHz
Track & scan on 5GHz
Scanning for AP
Scanning for STA
Beep when device found


git clone https://github.com/90N45-d3v/dBmonster
cd dBmonster
Install required tools (On MacOS without sudo)
sudo python requirements.py
Start dBmonster
sudo python dBmonster.py

Has been successfully tested on

Platform ?WiFi Adapter ?
Kali LinuxALFA AWUS036NHA, DIY Bi-Quad WiFi Antenna
MacOS MontereyInternal card 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (MBP 2019)
should work on any MacOS or Debian based system and with every WiFi card that supports monitor-mode