The article “Demonized Shell: Advancing Linux Persistence Techniques and Security Implications” goes into great detail about D3m0n1z3dShell, a complex tool made for making things persistent in Linux settings.

The opening would probably talk about how this tool is a big step forward in Linux system security and how it has many features for keeping access and control over Linux systems. Some of these features are automatic creation of SSH keypairs, persistence in the form of APT, Crontab, and Systemd, and the use of a tweaked LKM rootkit that can hide from tools like rkhunter and chkrootkit.

The article could also talk about the tool’s more advanced features, such as its ICMP backdoor implementation, LD_PRELOAD setup for gaining more privileges, and a set of static binaries for different security-related jobs.

Additionally, it would probably show the possible security risks of such a tool, since it has the power to change system processes, add code, and set up backdoors. The introduction would set the stage for a more in-depth look at D3m0n1z3dShell’s features, its place in the world of cybersecurity, and the continuing work that is being done to add even more advanced security features to Linux systems.

Demonized Shell is an Advanced Tool for persistence in linux.


git clone
cd D3m0n1z3dShell
chmod +x
sudo ./

One-Liner Install

Download D3m0n1z3dShell with all files:

curl -L | tar xz && cd D3m0n1z3dShell-main && sudo ./

Load D3m0n1z3dShell statically (without the static-binaries directory):

sudo curl -s -o /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

Demonized Features

  • Auto Generate SSH keypair for all users
  • APT Persistence
  • Crontab Persistence
  • Systemd User level
  • Systemd Root Level
  • Bashrc Persistence
  • Privileged user & SUID bash
  • LKM Rootkit Modified, Bypassing rkhunter & chkrootkit
  • LKM Rootkit With file encoder. persistent icmp backdoor and others features.
  • ICMP Backdoor
  • LD_PRELOAD Setup PrivEsc
  • Static Binaries For Process Monitoring, Dump credentials, Enumeration, Trolling and Others Binaries.

Pending Features

  •  LD_PRELOAD Rootkit
  •  Process Injection
  •  install for example: curl | bash
  •  Static D3m0n1z3dShell
  •  Intercept Syscall Write from a file
  •  ELF/Rootkit Anti-Reversing Technique
  •  PAM Backdoor
  •  rc.local Persistence
  •  init.d Persistence
  •  motd Persistence
  •  Persistence via php webshell and aspx webshell

And other types of features that will come in the future.

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